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i. E300
Open Desk Console Solution:
The ultimate open architecture solution for maximum sightlines and functionality.Evans’Strategy console has been specifically designed for technology-intensive, 24/7 environments.Strategy offers flexible equipment mounting options and is capable of being reconfigured. It provides flexible and comfortable workspaces that allow its users to focus on critical decision making.
ii. Response
The ultimate solution for 24/7 command and control room operations:
Evans Response™ sit-stand approaches the ergonomic challenges of the control room simply: allow the environment to respond to the needs of the user. By combining electrically actuated sit-stand functionality with the dynamic variability of the optional Unity Monitor Arm™, Evans gives the end user complete command of their environment at the touch of a button! Ergonomically designed to help promote blood circulation and improve user alertness, the sit-stand Response™ is changing the console industry. The implementation of such ergonomic standards has been shown to enhance the health, efficiency and productivity of users. The Evans Response™ is truly in a class of its own!