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Highly reliable video wall technology for broadcast control rooms
Broadcast environments are 24/7, 365-day operations. Christie’s industry-leading reliability rating for our lamp-based projector systems, and the zero-maintenance design of Christie Entero™ LED greatly reduce the risk of downtime or content disruption on your production control wall.
Christie Phoenix
One box; true collaboration and control
Christie Phoenix has comprehensive tools for one, or thousands of users to simultaneously view, listen to and interact with any source of information found in a control room environment from virtually anywhere through a single, robust system. If you can see it, you can access and control your audio visual data through Christie Phoenix’s simple, modular system architecture. The Christie Phoenix system is made up of hardware nodes that each play a specific role. They can be configured as inputs, outputs and as management nodes. When configured as an input node, they capture and transcode content from two sources via DVI inputs and when configured as output nodes, they decode and implement display functionality. By grouping Christie Phoenix nodes together via our intuitive web-based management software, you can create perfectly synchronized display walls of up to 128 outputs. Additionally, any node can be configured as a management node to manage system data and status. In fact, the Christie Phoenix node is so powerful, a single node can perform all these roles, simultaneously. Christie Phoenix is easy to install and configure. Based on secure, industry-standard H.264 media encoding and decoding, Christie Phoenix nodes automatically recognize each other and organize to create an easily configured system. Simply add inputs and outputs as required. You can upgrade and reconfigure the Christie Phoenix system while it remains live, giving you ultimate flexibility, while maintaining critical monitoring activities. Because Christie Phoenix nodes are distributed throughout the system, rather than a central location, your system is fault-tolerant.
Christie’s integrated video wall systems offer:
  • High performance – Christie’s video wall display solutions are built with the best technologies, including DLP technology and LED illumination, ensuring high reliability, excellent image reproduction and long life.
  • 24/7 reliability – Christie’s Entero LED display cubes have a 60,000 hour mean time between failures (MTBF) and dust-sealed light engines to protect optical components. Christie’s dual lamp line has quick failure correction with hot-swappable components for functional redundancy.
  • Purpose-built solutions for each customer’s specific needs– Christie provides system configurations and sizes that are tailored to each customer’s specific design requirements. Most of Christie’s display wall configurations have less than a 1mm seam between screens.
  • Versatility – With a range of UHP lamp-based and LED-based illuminated display cubes, the option of 1-chip or 3-chip DLP projection engines and customized display solutions, Christie offers the highest degree of versatility in the market.
  • Maintenance ease – With dust-sealed optics, 60,000 hour MTBF and no consumables to replace, Christie’s LED-illuminated display cubes and modules are virtually maintenance-free.
  • Superior long-life performance – Our DLP display technology and LED illumination mean Christie’s video- wall display solutions have superior long-term performance and reliability.
  • Lowest cost of operation – Because there are no consumable components such as lamps, dust filters or color wheels, Christie’s zero-maintenance design has the lowest cost of operation.